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Located in Dafoe, Saskatchewan, Canada
Easily accessible at the Junction of Highways 6 & 16
Welcome Truckers!
Our huge parking area is only one of the things that attract truckers to our establishment -

We also have free overnight parking.

Our showers are large and clean, with soothing soft water from our ozinated fresh water well.
See photos at bottom of page.

Our convenience store is well stocked to satisfy all of your thirst and hunger needs.
We carry a large variety of Trucker supplies including - 
Fuel - Self Serve, Regular & Premium Unleaded, Diesel
CB's, Sirius Radios, dash & backups cams, scanners, GPS, other radios
Straps, pressure gauges, motor oil, lubricants, tools, flashlights, specialized and standard batteries
Log Books, notebooks, pens, large map selection
Phone chargers & accessories, hands free devices
LED lights, fuses, switches, wiring supplies, antennas, aerials

You will find standard trucking neccessities and accessories as well as electronics and log books in our well stocked store.
Don't know how to get here? Click here to view our area map.

Don't forget to browse our large selection of gift items for something to take home to the family!

Trucker Showers

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